10th June 2012

Supplied 1 x CD 1500 For Senegal
Project By: OICO

15th June 2012

Instalation of 3 x CD 1500 in Bukina Faso for Mango drying
Project By: PTRAMAB

02nd July 2012

Instalation of 3 x CD 1500 in Mali for Mango druing.
Project By: PCDA

12th July 2012

Supplied x 3 AD 50 and x 1 AD200 agri dryers to ARC Vegetable and Ornamental Plant Pretoria

27th of August to 02 September 2012

Dryers for Africa will be participating In the Mozanbicans International Fair (FACIM)

Welcome to Dryers for Africa

We are the proud manufacturers of dryers and processing equipment for all types of natures products.

  • Fruit, vegetable, nuts and herb drying systems
  • Fruit & vegetable pulp and juicing equipment
  • Macadamia on-farm & final drying
  • Biltong drying
  • Fish drying
  • Seed dehydration
  • Wood drying
  • Insulated cold / freezer rooms
  • Isobaord room insulation
  • Electrical panels & enviro controls


Dryers for Africa
Nelspruit based company, Dryers for Africa, specialises in the design and manufacture of agricultural processing equipment. Dryers for Africa has for the last decade been designing and building dryers and processing equipment for commercial and small-scale emerging farmers. It’s success has been largely due to extensive knowledge and experience in drying and processing of fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and meat. The process of drying and juicing has in the past been the domain of large commercial organisations with the exception of sun-drying, which has a number of limitations.

Focus on Africa
Africa has an abundance of fruits and vegetables-some indigenous, and are largely wasted due to lack of skills and technology. Dryers for Africa has focussed it’s products on this market, specifically through understanding the limitations of available skills, environmental issues, and energy sources. It is a low technology system that minimises the use for highly skilled engineers and or electricians, whom are usually costly if available in some rural areas. Heating source can be electricity, gas, coal or biomas fuel, depending on local availability and cost.

Advantages of Processing
Farm produce that is normally excessive for local use would normally go to waste or sold as fresh produce for little return. Processing by drying and/or juicing has value added to it along with an extended shelf life and reduced transport costs.

Ease of Maintenance and Installation
Our dryers are self-supporting, easily transportable, affordable, with high thermal efficiency units. The use of low cost insulated panels and aluminium sections offers ease of installation, relocatability, thermal efficiency and hygienics. Extremely simple to operate, require no skilled input, and aesthetically appealing. Dryers are multi-purpose - can be used for virtually any type of agricultural product.

Safety and Ergonomics
The dryer design is inherently safe for the skilled or unskilled worker, and require the minimum of maintenance. Ergonomically, it offers a clean and hygienic workplace. All contact parts with the product are of food-grade material.

Environmental Impact
The product is harmless to the natural environment. There is no waste generated in the manufacture of the product.

Pulping /Juicing Processing
A small-scale juice processing unit is available that can do up to 100lt/hr. Occupies very little space, requires minimal electrical supply, can be easily transported. There is no compromise on food quality and safety standards.

The capacities of the dryers range from the SD 10 (Solar Dryer - up to 10kg wet product per batch), to the CD 1500 Container Dryer which has a 1500kg wet product capacity, and larger if need be. We will custom build any sized dryer to suit the your specifications.


We have expertise and knowledge to customise your requirements to suit your specific needs, climate and work environment.